We, the undersigned, hereby declare that we are in compliance with the United States Department of Commerce, Bureau of Industry and Security requirement for disclosure of end use prior to the export of goods as specified in the Code of Federal Regulations, Title 15, Parts 730 through 774.  These regulations require exporters of U.S. manufactured goods to fully exercise their responsibility to know their customers, to understand the uses to which the Exporter’s products will ultimately be put, and to determine the final end use destination of their products.


We hereby verify the products purchased from Digiducer, Inc. will not be applied or diverted to any end user, final destination or final application that is in conflict with the intent of the US Department of Commerce Export Regulations.

We also certify that products purchased will not be used for nuclear explosive activities as outlined in section 744.2 of the U.S.EAR, or for chemical or biological weapon applications as outlined in the U.S.EAR, Section 744.4.

In addition, we certify that the end use of these products will not be for missile, missile and rocket launch, or unmanned vehicle system applications as outlined in the U.S.EAR section 744.3.

We further verify that the end use stated below is truthful and accurate.

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It is understood that a purchase agreement with Digiducer, Inc. is not binding and cannot be processed without a fully completed and signed Declaration of Compliance.