What is the minimum hardware and software required by the Digiducer? By: Ronald Nelson September 22, 2015, 0 Comments

Looking to get started with the USB Digital Accelerometer from Digiducer? Working with the Model 333D01 is simple. There is an application for each major platform. The Digiducer’s plug-and-play capability makes setup effortless. Choose any one of the major platforms – Windows, iOS, Android, MacOS – download and install a software package, attach the adaptor (applicable for mobile devices only) and plug in the Digiducer. Your vibration measurement system is complete. Mount the sensor to the test subject of your choice and run the application. In the case that additional help is needed to get started, visit our getting started section.

Device Accessories
Configuring your setup
Choosing an application

For tips on how to mount your accelerometer, see our Mounting Guide.

A variety of software packages are available to choose from. Many of the software options have offer a free trial or are totally free. Every popular platform has software that will allow you to get started easily.

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