Stud Mounting: Are You Doing It Properly? By: Ronald Nelson July 27, 2015, 0 Comments

There are three different types of mounting techniques for accelerometers: Stud, Adhesive and Magnetic. No matter which method is chosen, surface preparation is a key component to attaining quality results. See our blog on surface preparation for tips on the proper way to prepare a surface for mounting an accelerometer.

Stud mounting is recommended for permanent, secure installations.Mounting Surface Preparation This method requires the surface to be flat and preferably clear of nicks, divots, scratches, and any other type of deformation. A precision-machined mounting surface is recommended. It is also recommended to wipe the surface clean and spread on a thin application of a light lubricant to improve transmissibility.

If machining the surface is not possible, or for a semi-permanent mounting, consider adhesive mounting as a possible alternative.

Need help choosing a mounting technique? View our Mounting Guide.