iTnnovate Brings Digiducer to the Cloud with Android-Based Vibration Monitoring Solution By: Jacob Wells June 09, 2017, 0 Comments

iTnnovate has recently released, a new Android app that leverages the portability of the Digiducer USB accelerometer and the connectivity of the cloud to provide a cost-effective, user-friendly vibration monitoring and analysis solution. With, iTnnovate offers a portable vibration analysis tool that will help customers take quality measurements and avoid costly equipment failure. Cloud-based data storage makes it easy to save and share data across multiple devices. Using just an android mobile device, Digiducer sensor, and a connection to iTnnovate’s cloud-based web application, you can fit a powerful vibration monitoring system in the palm of your hand.

This robust system provides these useful features and more:

  • FFT Analysis
  • Waveform Recording
  • Route-Based Data Collection
  • Condition Dashboard with Status Indicators
  • Limits and Alarms
  • Trending Analysis

Along with the app, iTnnovate offers a variety of service options including: software, measurements, diagnostics, and full service solutions. To learn more visit