Digiducer: Transformational, Disruptive Technology By: Ronald Nelson November 17, 2015, 0 Comments

The most common issue with implementing a condition based monitoring program is cost. Most companies are not able to justify the costs. The Digiducer simplifies this issue. It is a low-cost, high-quality product. The low cost makes it feasible for companies to start a vibration-monitoring program. With a ubiquitous communication protocol, USB Audio, the USB Digital-Ready Accelerometer brings simplicity to software developers and vibration enthusiasts alike. Using USB Audio for communication makes it possible for software developer to more readily gain access to the sensor’s data without the hassle of having to configure extra equipment. In turn, this leads to user-friendly, configurable software options for technicians. Current optimized software for the Digiducer allows a user to record a vibration data set and email it back to the office or a consultant for further analysis. There are always configurable hardware setups that allow the Digiducer to be connected to a credit card sized, single board computer that can easily be set up as a wireless node and remotely accessed locally on the company network, or globally from anywhere.

This simple and efficient hardware brings a full spectrum of possibilities, opening doors for frequently overlooked opportunities without the weight of the high-cost overhead. The low-cost, portability and versatility of the Digiducer also creates a gateway for higher learning. Should a facility want to increase the technical knowledge of their technicians, it can be eased one step at a time through the many software options available. Software can allow the flexibility to turn on specific options at each instance that they are needed. This makes it easy to boost the technical sense of personnel. Machine operators and technicians are able to seamlessly gain experience with frequency spectrum analysis.